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BIZSHARES ( XBIZ ) is decentralized based Shares Token to support on  Business,Trading, Export and Import,Business Dealing.

BITSHARES | Simple Way To Start Your Own Business With BizShares

BIZSHARES Token use to send, receive, trade, loan and transfer to another shareholder.Limited Tokens issued up to 1,00,000 XBIZ.

BIZSHARES aim to helping in grow your small scale business and medium sized industrial and products.



BIZSHARES is Digital Asset created on Waves Platform.It’s decentralized and Open source with Peer to Peer Blockchain Technology.

Asset Name : BIZSHARES

Asset Ticker : XBIZ

Decimals      : 8

Total Token  : 1,00,000 XBIZ

Asset ID : 4m1d1XV8eYzA1JERgaj9deS25wEjyoW3TszW9nHMLvme

Asset Issuer ID : 3PNJ5yXbcChjMcVSuP4rvx5PK5JGrTdzvQf


BizShares Distribution :

Market Supply : 60,000 XBIZ

Marketing & Promotion : 10,000 XBIZ

Team and Merchants : 10,000 XBIZ

Founder  : 20,000 XBIZ

Decentralized Exchange Platform :


CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform :



Asset Verified Link : https://dev.pywaves.org/assets/4m1d1XV8eYzA1JERgaj9deS25wEjyoW3TszW9nHMLvme